Villa Management & Marketing

Oladim is a leading Hospitality Management Revenue management and OTAs company for the hospitality industry, especially focusing on accommodation and tourism. OTA stands for Online travel Agencies, which Oladim Hospitality cooperates with to increase your bookings. Everything is about serving hotels, villas, resorts and guest houses and arrange the bookings.

  • Oladim has been operating on these field of property management for more than 3 years and consistently improving our performance to give you a high standard of hospitality services
  • Highly value of transparency in our system. You will exclusively access to our personalized sales and operational tools which make you easier tracking future guest as well as financial details.
  • Our professional team strongly easiliy fully assist your property and never let your property run down and for sure high profit.

  • You can register online via our website oladimhospitality.com or contact our admin at +62 81338762879 for further assistances.
  • Our team instantly replied your text / call and research your property, makes prosperity financial project and sales marketing wise system to ensure that your property in the right track.
  • Will have another meeting to present the tools to the owner and find best solution / advise for properties you have
  • ROI Meeting with the owner to ensure how many period would return total investment
  • Sign Management Agreement
  • Management tools preparations
  • Live and ready to sell

Yes for sure! We so familiar how to open the hotel, resort, villa as well as private villa from the empty land / off-plan system, design advises, building plan, feasibility study, financial statement, pre-opening set up, pre-opening finance set up, master purchasing list as well as sales marketing strategy with website creativity, ecommerce management system.

  • E Commerce Management
  • Property Management System
  • Pre-Opening Services
  • Financial Statement
  • Re-Branding Campaign
  • Professional Photography
  • Digital Marketing Management
  • Sales Marketing System Support
  • Property Quality Control
  • Customer Reputation Management
  • Website Optimization
  • Staff Development
  • Room Division Management

Our Business Intelligent team is processing multiple data from the market like location, average price, occupancy rate, seasonality, facilities, amenities and another factors to determine the most relevant price to your property.

Simply signed contract with Oladim with 12 months of period contract which extendable and discussable for each of us to get better communication and deals.

This is interesting ! Oladim Property Management is part of Elexart Corporation which is integrated with other professional company such as :

  • Fastrack : a VIP concierge with more than 10.000+ database from around the world who uses our hospitality which support Oladim Property Management to get wide customer database.
  • Tripgo : an extraordinary travel agent that offer inbound and outbond services and all clientele should be aggressively support to all properties under Oladim Property Management and strongly recommended.
  • Exotic Bliss Wedding : Exotic Bliss Wedding as a wedding planner in Bali is supported by Balinese talented team who built their friendship many years ago. All team dedicated to providing beyond expected services and create everything with heart and will never leave until it’s perfectly done.d.
  • Elexart Production : We ready to serve and organize your event here in Paradise Island of Bali for Meeting, Incentive, Conference, Exhibition as well as company gathering, event productions. We have contracted with most coolest venue here in Bali


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