Tirta Empul Temple Cultural Tourism with the history of Holy Water

Bali, the Island of the Gods, is renowned for its natural beauty, rich culture, and deep spirituality. Among the many places of interest on the island, Tirta Empul stands out as a site of profound spiritual significance and natural serenity. This sacred temple and its enchanting spring water have drawn visitors and pilgrims alike for centuries.

Tirta Empul, which means “holy water spring” in Balinese, is believed to have been created by the god Indra. The legend tells the story of a fierce battle between the god Indra and the evil king Maya Denawa, who had poisoned the water sources on the island. In his quest to purify the land, Indra thrust his powerful staff into the earth, and from that spot, a sacred spring emerged. The spring’s waters were said to have miraculous curative properties.

Location : Tampaksiring, Kec. Tampaksiring, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80552

Tirta Empul is an expansive temple complex located in Tampaksiring, just a short drive from Ubud. It consists of several shrines and bathing pools set amidst lush, tropical gardens. The complex is surrounded by towering trees, adding to the sense of tranquility and spirituality.

One of the main attractions of Tirta Empul is the opportunity to participate in a purification ritual. Devotees and visitors can step into the crystal-clear pools and follow a specific sequence of cleansing, praying, and purifying themselves under the cascading spring water. This ritual is thought to cleanse both the body and the soul, making it a unique and spiritual experience for those who partake.

When visiting Tirta Empul, it’s essential to remember that this is a sacred site. Modest attire is required, and it is customary to make a small donation before entering. You will be given a sarong to wear as a sign of respect. As you explore the temple complex, you can also admire the intricate Balinese architecture and the many shrines and pavilions. The tranquility and serenity of the place make it an ideal location for meditation and reflection.

Operational Hour

Tirta Empul Temple opening hours are generally 09.00 – 17.00 WITA. However, it should be noted that this time can change according to Hindu religious holidays.

Tirta Empul in Bali is a destination that offers a unique blend of spirituality and natural beauty. It is a place where visitors can not only marvel at the intricate architecture but also partake in a sacred ritual that has been performed for generations. Tirta Empul represents the heart and soul of Bali’s spiritual heritage, and it’s a must-visit for anyone looking to explore the island’s rich culture and traditions